Our Story

At Mercaz, we are building a stable, thriving Modern Orthodox community that will continue to transform, sustain and grow Jewish life in Seattle for future generations to enjoy and benefit from. A physical home for our communal and spiritual needs is an essential element of this growth. 

Over the past few years, Mercaz has been a place of spiritual and intellectual growth.

But now, we have physically outgrown our shell.

That’s why your donation is so important. We need a space that can serve as a vessel for our growing community, building on Seattle’s rich history and Jewish institutions. You can help us make this place our home, one that both sustains our physical growth and stretches the spiritual impact of Mercaz outward.

In this unprecedented time of challenge, we must build and sustain our home institutions, this allows our voices to rise in support of Israel, to come together to support each other and all of our brothers and sisters, and to have a solid presence in Seattle. We need you as part of this process.

When you donate, you help ensure the future generations of Mercaz have a place to grow, learn, give back and feel at home in their Jewish community.  

When you donate, you forge the path toward a home base that serves as the center – the Mercaz – of Jewish North Seattle and beyond.

Our new home will be more than just a physical space—more than just a place of gathering for prayer and learning. It will be a place where every individual can come together to grow and impact our neighborhood, the Seattle community and beyond.

We need all hands on deck to to reach our goal of a million dollars with contributors matching every donation by 4.  Your donation is an investment in Jewish Seattle’s spiritual, intellectual, and communal growth for years to come. 

Whatever you can do to participate – let’s continue to build together.

How do I donate to the campaign directly?

You can send funds via Zelle to campaign@mercazseattle.org or send a paper check per mercazseattle.org/donate (with a note indicating Capital Campaign). These methods avoid fees / percentages taken from donations on fundraising platforms.



Up to $999
Rebecca and Mo Goldberger
Laurie Hunt
Jim and Elaine Israel
David Judkovich
Lynn Fainsilber Katz
The Kelsicks
Jennie and Adam Minkus
Tali and Naftali Rothstein
Ruthie Sofer Voss
Anonymous (2)
$1,000 +
Terri Ash and Matthew Barr
Ellen and Eli Cohen
Yoni and Nina Cooper
Goldman Family
Jane Becker and Jason Kintzer
Dr. Shimon Dershowitz and Dr. Susan Hankin
Chani and Caine Jette
Nadav and Ayala Glick Magid
Peta and Ira Mehlman
Nathan Wasserman & Miriam Mosbacher
Avi and Rachel Rosenfeld
Jerry and Jane Rosenfeld
Avi and Olivia Wernick
Anonymous (4)

$5,000 +

Eliezer Avraham
Ross Diamond and Sarah LaFreniere
Frasch Family
Gabriella and Joshua Gladstein
Ari Gleicher and Elizabeth Katcoff
The Masinovsky Family
Jessica and Noah Peskin
Jessica and Harry Ottensoser

Marlene Souriano-Vinikoor & Abram Vinikoor
Yaffa Vinikoor and Daniel Zana
Leora and Jonathan Weiner
Hillary Zana

$10,000 +

Kevin Britt and Elisabeth Rosenthal
Ben and Sarah Dershowitz
Michaela Elias
Mark and Abby Horowitz
Dennis and Sue Horowitz
Ilana and David Kintzer
Zelle and Omri Nimni
Arielle and Meir Zwanziger

$18,000 +

Sarah and Isaac Cohen
David Curtis and Adriana Schulz
Eitan Greene
Steven and Iris Schwartz Family Giving Fund
Emily and Uri Weg
Anonymous (2)

$36,000 +

James Packman and Andrew Cohen
Andre Jacobovitz and Liz Roth
Morris and Bethany Sharp
Anonymous (2)

$54,000 +

Aliza and Benny Aivazi
The Dershowitz Family Foundation
Avi and Dina Levitan
Racheli and Elie Schramm

Fill out our online pledge form to make a pledge:  https://bit.ly/mercaz-building-together-pledge
For more information about the campaign, check out our FAQ document.