A thought for Rosh Chodesh:  Jewish mysticism teaches that the tikkun (the dimension of ourselves that has the most potential for being fixed) in this new month of Nissan is dibur–speech.  Our power of speech is one of the ways we have been made in the image of G?d.  As with any power it can be used positively or negatively.  The tikkun of our speech is a life-long effort.

All personal growth can be connected to the words from Tehillim/Psalm 34:15, sur mei’rah, v’asei tov, “turn away from evil and do good.”  A few ways we can work to refine our speech: learn Torah out loud, say “Thank You” to more people, more often, refrain from sharing sarcastic comments, praise more than criticize (both others and yourself), apologize when you misuse your speech, listen more and speak less.  Often the most challenging tikkun involves the people with whom we are closest.  May we be blessed to use the power of our words and our stories to always be leaving our inner Mitzraim/Egypt, and traveling towards becoming the individuals, families and communities we have the potential to become!